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Best Option Trade Alerts From OptionsByPros!

Option trade alerts that work and make you money!

Are you currently trading options but need help getting professional option trade alerts? Now is your chance to get the help you’ve been looking for.

We offer daily, real-time option trade alerts that deliver cash flow and consistent profits. Nothing else. Our real-time option trade alerts are suitable for fast call and put trades for seasoned option traders with a short, 1 to 2 day average holding time. That is it. Nothing longer.

Our real-time option trade alerts are delivered instantly via email and in the live chat for monthly subscribers. All in real-time. You will receive high potential reward option trade alerts that will make you thousands. All option trade alerts you will receive are for weekly single-leg, call or put option trades.

Weekly options are the perfect choice for any day trader looking to make profit in any market. Weekly options enjoy the volatility of traditional options, however, they have almost no time value. If you are familiar with trading traditional options or day trading stocks, our weekly option trade alerts at Optionsbypros.com are perfect for you.


We Deliver

Boasting a lifetime average winning history of better than 82% at Goldman Sachs with an astounding 30+ year track record, we are the best option trade alert service available with the best traders.

OptionsByPros.com is created by former Goldman Sachs Equities traders, fixed-income desk head and Principles Strategies traders using a unique, proprietary technical analysis system designed to deliver consistent profits in all market environments.


We Know How To Make Money And Our Option Trade Alerts Service Is One Of The Best Around.


Don’t Let The Whims Of The Market Dictate Your Earnings, Take Charge Of Your Own Profit.


Trade Any Market

Profit with bulls & bears

Earn steady income from options

Best option trade alerts for active traders

Our goal is to hand you complete option alerts so you can maximize your trades. You simply need to match the option alerts to your resources and trade.

OptionsByPros.com creates the most opportunity from our winning option trade alerts

 Get Your Real Time Option Trade Alerts Today!

  • Best For Day Traders.

  • Best For Option Traders Trading Weekly Options.

  • Our Option Trade Alerts Are The Best.

  • All Option Trade Alerts Are Delivered In Real Time.

  • One on One Trading With Our Traders.

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What to expect from OptionsByPros.com:

The recommended options to purchase

The best daily option trade alerts for you

Up to 20 daily, actionable option trade alerts with exact entry points, pivot points, daily support & resistance levels on the stocks we trade

Receive our daily proprietary points on over 20 stocks each day BEFORE the opening bell via email

Receive our daily $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM proprietary points to which you can use to navigate the market or to trade $SPY, $QQQ or $IWM

Many of our option trade alerts make huge returns

Never miss a trading opportunity with real time option alerts delivered to you via email

Steady and consistent gains

Real time option alerts!

Live Chat for monthly subscribers


Daily Option Trade Alerts


Perfect for day traders; this strategy focuses on weekly options with fast call and put trades for seasoned traders with a short, 1 to 2 day average holding. Our option alerts offer single-leg option trades with a +82% winning history.

At OptionsByPros.com we focus on profitable option trade alerts for large cap stocks and indices. Our option trade alerts are always based on high volume, large cap underlying stocks and liquid positions. 


Profit Potential

Many of our option trade alerts make huge returns

Maximize your portfolio potential

Having the information at your fingertips will allow you to make the moves necessary to ensure profitability.

Get with OptionsByPros.com and see the real difference

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You will receive over 20 option trade alerts per trading day!

You will never miss an alert. You will have the trade alert delivered to you via email or live chat for monthly subscribers.

Watch your option trades make you money!

Our option trade alerts are open for no more than 1 to 2 trading days on average.


Our expert analysis helps identify the best option trade alerts with low time value and huge upside potential. Use options to create a safe, steady stream of reliable income.


Change your life.

Make the change today with OptionsByPros.com




Option Trade Alerts

Real Time Option Alerts Delivered Via
Email and Live Chat For Monthly Subscribers.


We Aim For Perfection So Our Real Time Option Trade Alerts Are Perfect For You. 


How It Works


How Does This Work?

Trading options can be challenging with several factors to consider that affect your chances of earning money. OptionsByPro's goal is to hand you complete option trade alerts where all you need is to match the option trade alert to the option trade and to your resources. 

The price you pay and when the move occurs are the keys to success. We offer you instant, real-time option trade alerts that are real winners. Members pick from the list of recommendations and purchase contracts of the stock options of their choosing.

We monitor the market and provides general guidance on the recommendations.What you get is an actionable option trade alert that can make you thousands. Literally. 

We offer our expert proprietary technical analysis which gives you the exact entry point on the stock before the opening bell. The option trade alert allows you to enter the option trade with confidence. In addition, we also send you resistance and support levels on the stocks we trade before each trading day.

We do offer you our experience, years of successful trading at Goldman Sachs and real winners that can be life changing to you. 


How Does OptionByPros Spot Option Trades?

Each day we scan for the most explosive opportunities. Our option trade alerts give you the greatest reward with defined, controlled risk. This can be in terms of market moving news, momentum stocks, earnings, upgrades/downgrades, charts/technical analysis. These trade alerts are a predictable, plentiful and can have huge upside. Once we generate the option trade alert we will deliver the alert to you via email. The option trade alerts are instant, real-time, actionable and generate huge cash flow. We do offer you resistance and support levels on the stocks we trade each and every day.


Focus based on high volume, liquid positions

OptionsByPros.com focuses on approximately a dozen or two high volume stocks at any given time. Unlike strategies that focus on low volume assets such as penny stocks we only recommend option trade alerts for highly liquid stock options.


What We Use To Pick Our Option Trade Alerts

Is this day trading? Yes! The typical option trade can last as few as 2 minutes, but as long as 1- 2 days(max). Depending on how much you want to put into each option trade, you choose how long the trade will last. You define risk, you choose your profit potential and when you want the trade to end. It is simple.

How long should you ride out the gains on a winner? Do you want to close out a loser immediately, or wait to see if the stock pares its decline? Of course, the answers to these questions will vary from one trader to the next. But regardless of how healthy your risk appetite might be, determine your target profit and stop-loss levels before you enter the trade.


Unique, Proprietary Technical Analysis System

We use our own unique, proprietary technical analysis system designed to deliver consistent profits in all market environments. This enables us to guarantee the constant edge that option traders seek. We find profitable option trade alerts before other traders. Guaranteed.


You can utilize our option trade alerts to not only buy calls and puts but to write covered calls, put spreads, straddles, sell calls/puts, buy stocks and more. 


When do we issue the Option Alerts?

We will deliver the option trade alerts before the market opens because we are confident of the alerts.  Each day is dependent on what we scan, what our OptionsByPros.com team observes and external factors such as news, earnings, etc bring to the trading day. Once the option trade alerts generate we do send them to you as fast as possible to you via email. They're actionable upon receiving, in real-time and can generate the cash flow you seek. 

We offer a simple but high reward approach to trading options. Our service may not be for the immediate beginner as OptionsByPros.com is an investment and a resource tool.

Want to make more money in less time with less stress? 

You're in the right place.







All services are non-recurring and final. There are no commitments and you can come and go as you please.

However, there are no refunds and no free trials. All payments are nonrefundable and no refunds or credits will be given for partial or incomplete use.

We offer you the best option trade alerts available. Hands down. No other options trading service compares to our trade statistics, daily performance and our daily option trade alerts at OptionsByPros.com. 


Best Daily Option Trade Alerts


Sign Up For Option Trade Alerts

We offer our Platinum service for $500 Biweekly OR $1000 monthly. You will receive over 20 daily, real time option trade alerts delivered to you via email and live chat for monthly subscribers.

We accept all electronic payments. Please click on sign up for daily option trade alerts below to get your option trade alerts TODAY!


One on One Trading


Live Trading One on One

Take your options trading game to a new level with one on one trading at OptionsByPros.com. We offer options traders the entry, exits on the option trade we trade. We sit with you live during the market hours to get you the profits you need. You can choose when you like to trade with us whether it be one day , three days or 1 week. Sign Up to trade with our experienced option traders. Maximize your profit potential!



Teach Me



Let OptionsByPros.com teach you how to trade options, master charts and learn account management. We are the best coaches in the industry. We will teach you what you need to know in option trading so you can navigate the stock market and generate constant money flow. Trading options can make you thousands of dollars.

Make the choice and come learn to be the best option trader with OptionsByPros.com


Change Your Life Today.

Learn To Trade Calls And Puts.

Learn Technical Analysis.

Make Thousands Of Dollars Trading Options.



In the financial markets, options refer to contracts that offer the right — but not the obligation — to buy or sell an asset at a later date for a predetermined price. Options are binding contracts with a strict set of clearly defined terms, and they can be used by traders for a wide variety of reasons.


When you are considering buying an options contract, it is important to have a firm understanding of the key terms involved. Strike price is the price at which the contract holder can buy or sell the asset at a later date. The date marking the end of the options contract is referred to as the expiration date.

Premium prices are not the same for all options contracts. Prices will change based on the type of asset being traded, the level of volatility that is seen in the broader market, and the expiration time.  There are many factors that go into the pricing of an option. But it is important to know exactly how much your option contract will cost before you buy it. This is essentially the amount of money you will forfeit if you choose not to exercise the contract before its expiration time.



Those with some familiarity in trading the financial markets probably understand that there are two broad ways of profiting from speculative positioning: buying and selling. When trading options, the two most basic strategies are referred to as “calls” and “puts.”  Here, we will discuss the differences between these two strategies and outline ways options traders can use each approach to capture profits in the financial markets.



In options markets, those looking to express a positive (or bullish) view on an asset will consider using call options. A call option is a financial contract that gives an investor the right — but not the obligation — to buy an asset at a specific price at a predetermined date in the future.  An trader that holds a call option is similar to an investor that holds a long position in the stock market. In order to profit from a call option, the value of the underlying asset will need to rise before the contract expires. If this does not occur, the investor will allow the contract to expire worthless. In this case, losses will be equal to the cost of the options contract itself.


Those looking to express a negative (or bearish) view on an asset will consider using put options. A put option is a financial contract that gives an trader the right — but not the obligation — to sell an asset at a specific price at a predetermined date in the future. An investor that holds a call option is similar to an investor that holds a short position in the stock market. In order to profit from a put option, the value of the underlying asset will need to fall before the contract expires. If this does not occur, the investor will allow the contract to expire worthless and losses will be equal to the cost of the options contract.


When we look at profitability in the options market, there is some added terminology that must be understood. When an option is in-the-money, it means that profits have started to accumulate in the position. When an option is out-of-the-money, it means that losses have started to accumulate in the position. When an option is at-the-money, it means that market prices are currently trading at the strike price, and that no profits or losses are being seen.

If you are buying a call option, your trade is in-the-money when market prices have risen above your strike price. If you are buying a put option, your trade is in-the-money when market prices have fallen below your strike price. When buying a call option, your trade is out-of-the-money when market prices have fallen below your strike price. When buying a put option, your trade is out-of-the-money when market prices have risen above your strike price. The degree to which your trade is in-the-money (profit) or out-of-the-money (loss) is referred to as the intrinsic value of the trade.

In this way, most of the attention in the options market is devoted to whether a trader should be dealing with calls or put when establishing a position. For experienced traders they can also choose to sell the calls or puts.

At OptionsbyPros we trade the weekly options- calls and puts. We typically trade at the money options only. The premium gives traders the edge with more money making capability. We offer interactive education with our top option experts. 

Do you want to learn to trade options? Learn how to use charts to help maximize your profits? No matter your experience level, we can help you to become a better option trader.

Sign Up For Any Of The Three Teach Me Options Below:



Learn Charts

Need help learning stock charts? We help outline key technicals for optimal entries (calls/puts). Learn how to recognize these key levels yourself and maximize your trades.


Learn Basic Option Trading

Need help learning how to trade options? Look no further. We are here to help you master the basics of option trading. Earn income trading options.


Advanced Learning

Need help to learn the best trading habits that lead to consistent success? Or would like to improve your technical analysis? Or need help with account management? We can help you.


Coaching and mastery of learning simple option strategies could provide you the monthly income you're striving for. Build your skills on your time. We help you learn the basics of option trading, master technical analysis and teach you how to make money in any market. Our goal at OptionsByPros.com is to teach you how to consistently make profits in bull, bear, or flat markets.

We offer the teach me sessions via telephone and live chat. At OptionsByPros.com we also offer in person, one-on-one coaching in New York, NY. 


Get Your Option Trade Alerts Today.

Get Educated Today.

Make The Change.

See The Difference.

Get With OptionsByPros.com




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is OptionsByPros.com?

We are an option trading advisory service. We offer a combination of a high quality education and actionable option trade alerts. Our goal is to share our experience and to help you to become a better trader and make money. The trading alerts are based on our own expert analysis that we are sharing with you daily and in real-time.

2. How do you recommend to start using OptionsByPros.com?

If you are new to options or to those strategies, our first recommendation would be: get educated with us. Second, start with a virtual account to put the option trade alerts into action. Then start with small positions and increase the allocation gradually as you gain more confidence.

If you are an experienced option trader, then you can apply our option trade alerts like a regular option trade in your account. Watch the option trade alerts make you money.

3. How much can I expect to make with your service?

It is important to set realistic expectations, but it's ultimately up to you. We never make any promises or guarantees. You can visit the Performance page to get an idea about our results. 

4. What is your trading style?

We trade calls and puts. This service is great for option traders seeking to trade short term. Our performance at OptionsByPros.com is based on trading weekly options. You may choose which week to trade.

However, any of our daily option trade alerts will work with other strategies too. Think about the risk first. If you take care of the risk, the profits will come.

5. How do I get the option trade alerts?

We deliver our option trade alerts via email and live chat. However, live chat is offered for monthly subscribers.

6. When are the option trade alerts sent? Are they posted on Twitter?

ALL of our option trade alerts are sent before the market opens. Trading alerts are released before the opening bell. All option trade alerts are sent to you via email. You don't need to be glued to the computer all day, but you should be able to place trades during the market hours.

In addition, we do offer live chat for monthly subscribers. Many traders post their trades including entries and exits in the live chat. This can be highly beneficial if you’re trading similar options.

We do not post our option trade alerts on Twitter. If you do need any help while you are in an option trade you can contact us via email: trades@optionsbypros.com or in the Live chat.

We are always available during market hours.

7. How many option trade alerts do you typically have and how long do you hold them? 

At OptionsByPros.com we usually have over 20 daily option trade alerts with holding period no longer than 1 to 2 days. We do not trade each option trade alert. It is up to you what time to enter and where you exit the trade using our option trade alerts.

You choose which strike price and week to enter using our option trade alerts. We recommend at the money strike prices and trading the current week.

8. What happens if I am in the wrong trade and need help? 

For immediate help, you can email us at trades@optionsbypros.com

9. What if I need more trade alerts or like different stock alerts?

Please email us or contact us in the Live chat.

10. What is the minimum account size to trade with you?

We recommend at least $5,000 account to start with.

11. I missed the option trade alert and the price is now higher - should I play it or wait?

We recommend to be patient and let the price "come to you". As a general guideline, if the stock is still near the Point where we place in the Point list and the trade price on the stock runs and then comes back, we still consider it a valid entry into the option trade.

12. When can I expect to start after signing up?

If you signup before 8:30 p.m. EST you will start the next business day. We do like to go over how our system works before you start. In addition, each member is required to sign a policy form before you begin your 2 week or 1 month subscription.

13. How much should I allocate to any given trade?

It is up to you and based on your risk tolerance.

14. I work full time, will I be able to benefit from the service?

We believe you can trade from anywhere. You don't need to be glued to the computer all day long, but you do need to have access to the trading platform and the live chat during market hours.

15. Can I view your performance?

Yes. We update our current performance every day after the market closes. We do not publish our entries or exits. Current performance is password protected and only for monthly subscription members. Further, the current performance for the week is updated and available every Friday and added to our performance page.

16. How effective is your Teach me coaching? Can I learn everything in one day?

  • Yes. Our Teach Me education is great for option beginners looking to start their career on the right foot. Or for experienced option traders that want to strengthen their skills for better returns.

  • We will teach you the necessary fundamentals of trading options the right way.

  • Teach you the key technicals for optimal entries (calls/puts)

  • This will give you the advanced tactics and strategies to turn your options portfolio into an income-producing machine.

  • For a teach me (in person) session we will need for you to fill out our contact form. In addition, you are required to send a copy of your driver’s license to confirm our meeting.

17. How do I pay to receive OptionsbyPros.com Option Trade Alerts?

Click on the green sign up button for daily option trade alerts located under PRICING and fill out the form. We accept payments via Zelle or Credit Cards.

Next, you will need to sign up for Zelle through your bank or go to Zellepay.com. For all credit card payments you will need to email us: trades@optionsbypros.com for further instructions.

If you’re using Zelle then you will either send :

$500 for Biweekly subscription OR

$1000 for the monthly subscription (LIVE CHAT INCLUDED)

In order to send us money using Zelle you will need our email address: trades@optionsbypros.com

If you’re an international subscriber please email us for further instructions.

The Zelle option does not incur any extra fees. All Zelle payments are non-recurring and final.

18. How do I pay to receive Teach Me Sessions?

Click on any of the 3 options for Teach me sessions and fill out the form. We accept payment via Zelle or Credit Cards.

Next, you will need to sign up for Zelle through your bank or go to Zellepay.com. For all credit card payments you will need to email us: trades@optionsbypros.com for further instructions.

Click on any of the teach me sessions, fill the form and to pay via Zelle you can use our email address: trades@optionsbypros.com

If you’re an international subscriber please email us for further instructions.

The Zelle option does not incur any extra fees. All Zelle payments are non-recurring and final.

19. Do you accept credit cards on your Website?

Yes. For ANY credit card transactions you will have to email us for further instructions at : trades@optionsbypros.com

We do not store any personal payment information on the Website.

20. What is your refund policy?

All payment is final.

There are no refunds and no free trials. All payments are non-refundable and no refunds or credits will be given for partial or incomplete use.

We reserve the right to discontinue any subscription at any time without any refunds.

21. Do you offer any free trials?

We do not offer any free trials.


Make Thousands Of Dollars Trading Options With Our Option Trades at OptionsByPros.com  


What They Say About Us:

“I can’t wait until next week! I truly love the service.” —Martin C.

“ Made over $300k this year using OptionsByPros.com trade alerts” — Jason S.

“This week was my best week of 2018. Made over $50K on $TSLA alone.”— Larry H.

“$12K in 10 minutes, and I'm out.”— D.H.

“Made $125,000 in 1 day.” —Paula L.

“ Up over 1.8 million this year” —Frank H.

“Took $22K to $93K in 2 hours” —David W.

“Made $7,500 in 3 minutes”—Greg D.

“Best week of trading.” —J.L.

“Live chat is great as I followed expert and experienced traders in option trades. Made $19K in 15 minutes.” -Kyle H.

“Using OptionsByPros.com for over 1 year and made a significant amount of money trading. Right now my wife and I are on a 2 month vacation from my profits.” -Vinod J.

And More Testimonials.......


I was completely happy after trading $GOOGL calls on Monday. My original investment was $40,000 but at the end of the day my trading account was at $120,450. 

— William K.

“Stellar, professional service.”

I took the "teach me" service for 2 hours and learned a great deal from Beth Martin. She is super knowledgable, smart and a great teacher. 

— Lisa P.

“Rocking on."

The option trades are real, which I doubted initially when I first signed up. Only used one of their option trades..made back my $1000(service fee) plus another $9,000 on their trades.

— John L.

“Best Option trades."

Saw this site on Twitter, then I decided to take the plunge. Glad I did. Had $20,000 to start with in my brokerage account and ended up with little over $75,000. This is all because I used OptionsByPros option trades. All done in 3 days. It's the real deal.

— Luke D.

"Man oh Man."

I like to say I am a good option trader, but recently found myself literally all over the map. I wanted a option service where I can trade by myself without being involved in a live chat and able to concentrate on my trades. OptionsByPros.com delivers! They're expensive but its worth the price as they re-enforce my  original trade or offer me a new one. I made over $200,000 this week alone. No BS! 

— Jeff G.

“Learned a lot in 1 hour."

I signed up for an hour of consulting with Alex on Friday. Wow. He was super smart, very on point and no time was wasted on anything but learning for me. 1 hour is really worth the time and price. I am looking forward to putting the knowledge into trading next week.

— Kevin K.

“Made over $60,000 on 1 single option trade."

Really. Signed up for the daily service and received an option trade for $TSLA. To be honest, made over $60,000. Couldn't be happier with the simplicity and alert of the trade. The trade was sent to me via text before the move was made. YES!

— Vanessa C.

“Highly recommend "Teach Me" if you need to learn."

I used OptionsByPros.com teach me tutorial on how to trade options. I found it to be effective.They do take the time to make sure you understand everything about what you need to learn. I would highly recommend it.

— John S.

“Took my $10,000 account to $57,000 in just 5 days."

Optionsbypros.com has the best option trades. Their option trades tell you when to enter the trade, pricing points to look for and the option trade you need to make money. I am very impressed with them. Took my $10k to $57K in 1 week. 

— Tom E.

“Excellent trades."

Another solid trade on $AMZN. The key is knowing how to apply it.

— Ruchir F. 

“Took the all day course and learned a ton of info "

I needed someone to teach me about options. I learned a lot from OptionsByPros.com. They really went beyond to help me learn everything about trading options. I would recommend them to teach you too. 

— Autumn P.

"Best Options service on the market"

I'm an intermediate Trader but still learning, I have tried many, many chatrooms & services - but I like the option trades I get here.

— Charles G.

“Made a killing”

In 5 days I made over $100K with the option trades from OptionsByPros.com #nojoke 

— Ed S.

“The best option trades”

My first week with you and I made over $90K in just 4 days. :) Thank you. Looking forward to earnings season.

— Sara A.

“Great coaching.”

Thanks to Alex for all of his excellent instruction,coaching and helping me to master the art of trading options. I am a better and smarter trader because of the education I have received from OptionsByPros.

— Jim J.


Had a really amazing week trading options with these guys. My account nearly tripled in just four days. They have the option trades that are winners.

— Arjun L.

"Working full time and making money."

I work full time and am a option trader (on the side), but decided to do the one-week package of your service on 7/2 and have been VERY happy with the results. Small account but I’ve had huge wins with you this week on your option trades. Thanks

— Greg C.

“Made $100K”

My second week with you and I made over $100K. I have followed most of the option trades and kept the $FB 195 calls. This trade gave me a profit of $37k!! Enjoying my weekend!! Thanks.

— Chris W.

"Worth it"

I thought about it for a while before signing up. I took my account value from $50,000 to $134,000 in only 4 days with their option trades. I am very happy with the outcome and will sign up again. 

-William D.

"Alerts make perfect sense"

I had a nice 20% hit on the NFLX puts and 30% on the AMZN calls! The alerts make perfect sense and is easy to understand. Thanks!

- S.B.

"Great option trades"

Made a few home runs this week with $NFLX and $AMZN. The option trades work and they also help you one on one if you need it. Always seem available to answer any questions. Did quite well. 

- Sui Huang

"Very profitable"

I had a small account with just about $5,000 in it.  I had seen and heard of Optionsbypros.com before but the subscription price was awfully daunting given the size of my account.  Out of interest and curiosity I signed up for the monthly service.  Using some of the recommendations of the Optionsbypros, I took on several profitable positions.  After the month ended, I took the profits and purchased a new car. 

-Derek S.

"Right on the money"

So far, you people are right on the money.  For once, I haven’t lost money in the stock market but made some!

-David S.


What I am sure of is that suggestions that are made by the OptionsByPros.com are made with a foundation of analysis and expertise far greater than anything I am able to do. And far greater than any other service of its kind that I am aware of.

-Mark D.

"Never seen anything like this"

Your site will more than pay for itself. I've been very impressed with your option trades once I put them into action, seeing gains I've never seen before. Thank you.

-Mohan A.


I was able to profit on $AMZN. About $84,500 over two days of trading. What a ride!

-George H.

"All TSLA"

I was able to take my $15,000 account to $45,000 in just a few hours with your $TSLA trade today. Amazing! Thank you for your assistance in the chat.

-Pam D.

"Did quite well"

I entered and exited all 3 trades and made $3k. That was quick. Thanks


"Easy to learn"

The way the teach me session was structured made it very easy to learn, so you’re not just sitting there just trying to cram in the information. You engage and participate in a lot of discussions. Worth it.

-Mike T.

"Fantastic way to make money.”

I’ve been trading for 10 years, but I had no idea what the heck I was doing. By coming here, I now have a methodology for the trades I want to buy. But now, I can make an investing decision with the option trades from OptionsbyPros.com. That’s a huge timesaver; and a fantastic way to make money.

-Steve J.

"Best daily option trades”

I had bought 40 contracts on $NVDA today and made over $32,000. Thanks.

-Tom C.

"Made a bundle”

Had a good day.  Made a bundle on $NVDA about 5K (my account is only 20K)

-Ryan J.

"You got a fan customer!"

You got a fan customer! This first week was a learning...due to my job and timing challenges to get out on time ...also I have made cash movements to take advantage of some great calls! Thx!!!



This week is one of my most profitable weeks trading options. I sold $NFLX today for a $40,000 profit. I sold CGC for a $10,000 profit. The list goes on. Your service is great and your customer service matches it too. Thank you.

-Andy M.

"Paid for my month"

Very nice, in and out of all 3 with nice profit. Paid for my month already.



Wow just exited my Amazon calls. What a day! My account went up 380% today. Lol..."


"Great first day!"

Up $5K and out. Thanks, guys! Great first day!

-Devlin H.

"Made my week"

Your option trades my made week. I'm up over $70K this week. Thank you!

-Vishay K. 

" 3 days profits are huge"

I never had so many green trades in one day. For 3 days my profits are huge. Your subscription fees are under paid. My target: $1000 per day. Even with the bad closing on my part .. I made $6k in 3 days. You guys are extremely good.

-Jayapaul V.

“All and all good signals”

All and all good signals - took two trades 10K each closed FB at a profit of $3500 closed NFLX with small loss $500 so far so good.

-Jeff P.

“Great returns”

Thank you. Great ideas. Made some good returns.

-Jay V.

“Best week with Pros”

I’ve been with OptionsByPros.com for a few months, but I had my best week trading this week. The live chat feature is the best. Thank you.


“Tripled my account this week”

Had my best week trading options. Thanks to the volatility and great trades given by Optionsbypros.com I tripled my account in 5 days. Thank you!"

-Jeff H.


The service is awesome! The option trades, insights are spectacular! Thank you for all you do!

-Makai F.

“Made over $100k in 7 days”

Thanks to your option trades.. I took my account up over $100k in 7 days.

-A Kline

“This was my best week in 10 years”

I’ve had many great trades with OptionsByPros.com, but this week had to be my best week of trading. On Thursday your $AMZN trades took my $22,000 account to $93,500! All in ONE DAY and few hours. Thank you so much for making my year.

-David W.

“Had my best trade on AMZN”

Took the AMZN calls for a $40 profit with your help. This is one of the best options trade alert services.

-Andrew O.

“ Crazy good”

This is really true-Started the week out with $50,000 and ended this week looking at $330,000. This straight from your option trade alerts! Crazy good! Thank you so much. I am going to enjoy my Christmas.

-Alan TB

“Best year I had”

This year started off rocky with the volatility we had, but I started using Optionsbypros.com for their trade alerts and changed it around. This is my best year I had in trading. I am up over $1.8 million dollars! Thank you.

-Frank H.

“Starting 2019 with $50,000 Gain!”

I am up huge and its been only 8 days into 2019. Starting 2019 with a $50,000 gain. If this continues I will be making 6 figures this year. Looking forward to a great year. Thanks Pros!

-Patrick B.

“Winning Week”

This week was the best week of 2019. Thanks to the trade alerts from Optionsbypros I took $55,000 to $145,000 in 5 days.

-Thomas L.

“Held Amzn puts and made a fortune”

Held Amzn puts for 1 day using the option trade alerts from Optionsbypros.com. Made over $100,000.

-Parth P.

“Made $145,000 in 5 days with Optionsbypros.com“

Made $145,000 in 5 trading days using their trade alerts and chat service. Amazing week and great service.

-Nathan J.

“Doubled my account in 1 day”

Took Roku 125 puts at $1.60 and sold at $12.00 making it the best trade I have had. Thank you Optionsbypros.com

_Prakash G.


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